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About Town Marshal Andrew Ellingwood

A lifelong resident of Madison County and native of south Anderson, Andrew Ellingwood graduated high school and went straight to Indiana State University. There he majored in Criminology and returned to Madison County after graduation.

Town Marshal Andrew Ellingwood joined the Edgewood Police Department’s Reserve Officer program in April 1997. After 14 months volunteering in the Reserve program, Ellingwood became a full-time officer on June 4th, 1998. He was promoted to Town Marshall on May 1, 2009. He has spent much of his law enforcement career working as a Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Instructor and is a firearms safety instructor for the department.

“Early in my career I came to realize that Edgewood is a nice-sized community. It’s a good community to work with and in, and I like the residents here,” said Ellingwood.

Married now for five years, Ellingwood has a one and three-year-old daughter. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Ellingwood can be seen riding around town on his Harley Davidson when he’s not in his police cruiser.

Edgewood residents feel safe and secure in our community thanks to the diligent work of our full-time professional police department. Five full-time police officers are supported by a team of reserve officers.

Your Edgewood Police Department



Captain Shane Briggs,
joined June 2009

Kelly Naselroad,
joined November 2009

Marcus Shoppell,
joined March 2016



Ricky Robertson, Reserve Officer,
joined May 2012

Christopher Lehman, Reserve Officer,
joined November 2016

Hubert Duncan, Reserve Officer,
joined November 2016



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